Moon-Child Wood Craft is Jennifer Moon-Child (yes, that's my real name).  I live and work in Ocean View, Delaware.


I make all my products by hand on my scroll saw, the same machine in the video  on the left, using purchased patterns for some items as well as designing my own. I use quality materials and I put a lot of time and pride into each thing I make. I am always adding more products to my line, so keep checking back to see what else I can make for you.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: What brand of saw do I use?

A: Right now I use an Excalibur EX-21 that I purchased new from Seyco.  I've upgraded it with the new blade chucks from Pegas. 

Q: What blades do I use?

A: My favorites are Pegas modified geometry blades, primarily sizes 1 & 3. For cutting letters on custom ornaments I like to use the size 2/0, and for puzzles cut in 1" poplar I use the size 7.


Before I discovered the modified geometry blades, I primarily used Flying Dutchman ultra reverse blades, and I still have a supply that I use from time to time, and I use the Flying Dutchman jigsaw puzzle blades when I cut jigsaw puzzles.

Q: Where do I get my wood?

A: I get my baltic birch plywood locally at Chesapeake Woodworkers Sales in Millsboro, DE. Hardwood I get online from Ocooch, a family business in Wisconsin that caters to scroll sawers.

Q: How long does it take me to make that?

A: Well...it depends. Each pattern/design has its own complexity and number of cuts, which is the biggest factor, but things like the sort of wood I cut each piece in, the type of finish I apply, the amount of sanding, and even how fresh my blade is at the time affects that. Also the time of day and how caffeinated I am, which podcast I'm listening to, and whether or not I have company in the garage, is it winter and chilly, is it summer and super humid? Some days I'm just in the zone, other days, not so much. Regardless of all those factors I do my best to keep my prices reasonable and charge only on material cost and the average time it takes me to make each sort of item.  Hopefully the video above gives a general idea of the work involved.

Q: How much time do you spend scrolling?

A: Usually hours a day, especially in spring and fall. I try to take some time off in the summer to hit the beach and enjoy the beautiful place I call home, as well as visit my family out west, and I try to take a nice break after Christmas is done. But most days, I get to work around 9 (my commute consists of just stepping into my garage), take a lunch break around noon, and quit by 5. In the fall I usually start around 8 am and work until 6. 

Here's the 3 most asked questions:

Q: Is this laser cut?

A: No. Lasers cut by burning wood. That's why laser-cut wood has darker edges, resulting in a completely different look.

Q: Then why don't you just get a laser?

A: A laser capable of properly cutting the species of wood in the thicknesses I use would be so far out of my price range that if I could afford it I would not be selling ornaments at craft fairs, I would be sitting on a beach somewhere closer to the equator. Also, while sometimes the burnt wood look is fun, I prefer my wood not burnt.

Q: Did your husband make all this?

A: No.