Your photo turned into a wood jigsaw puzzle! All you have to do is email me the photo. I will have it printed, affix it to 1/4" high quality baltic birch plywood, and hand-cut it on my scroll saw. Every puzzle I cut is completely unique; I do not use a pattern to cut the pieces and so I can tailor the difficulty to your specifications. Easy, with fewer pieces, all the way to hard, with many (200+) small pieces.

I offer 2 sizes, and currently package all puzzles in a drawstring bag labeled with the number of pieces.

Please only submit photos that you own the copyright to or have permission to use. When you submit your photo to me, you are giving me permission to make a copy of it for the purpose of making the puzzle.

8"x 10" is $35

5" x 7" is $25

plus $8 shipping.