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IRSC Flea Market

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

So Friday I set up my table, it took me an hour and a half, including setting up my shelves and setting out all my stock, unloading the car, everything. I've pretty much got it all down although I arrange everything a bit different every time. My biggest thing when it comes to setting up is flexibility. It's a good thing too because I was kind of surprised how few candle trays I have. I

knew I was low, which is why I have a big stack ready to cut, but I thought I had more. So it was nice to be reminded that I need to work work work for next month's events.

A flea market at a senior center isn't the same as craft show at a convention center, obviously, so you have to have different expectations. I'm considering this more of a dress rehearsal to get ready for the bigger events later on. When I wrapped up my last craft show before Christmas, I wasn't super fastidious about packing up. I'm using this little sale to get my stuff back together, to get re-organized, to show off a couple of new products, and get back into the swing of interacting with customers. If I make a couple of sales I'll be happy was what I was thinking Friday. When I was setting up there were others setting up, but not really many other vendors, mostly just yard sale tables. That's what makes flea markets kind of weird; it's not a craft show with just vendors, and it's not a yard sale with just yard sales, it's a mix, and you don't know what's going to be there until you get there.

So Saturday I got up bright and early so I could shower and get to the senior center before 8. It went from 8 am to noon, and was pretty slow all day, really, but I made a few sales. Packed up and made my way home. Made more money than I would have staying home (although at least I would have gotten more stuff made if I'd stayed home), and got out and chatted with people and there's always the exercise you get when you are loading and unloading everything, so it wasn't a waste of a day even if it wasn't a triumph. Taking into account days that I definitely won't be working, I have 17 shop days until my next show, which is February 18. I am going to have to work work work to get enough stock for it and the show the following weekend...

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