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Preparing for Two February Shows

I've been lucky lately that the weather hasn't been super cold. I have two different heaters in the garage: a radiator to continuously heat the space, and a fan space heater that I switch to when I am actually working in there, as I have it set up on a bar stool so it blows right onto my hands. Even with the heaters, if it's too cold outside there's just no way the garage can stay warm enough to work in. Sometimes the air temperature will be ok but the cement floor is too cold to stay out there for long, even with multiple pairs of socks... When my mind can't focus on cutting because my feet are too cold, it gets to be dangerous; scroll sawing is pretty safe but I have cut myself a few times but more commonly I've ruined pieces of work from being cold and distracted.

SO I can't complain that it's been a pretty balmy February so far, and it's supposed to be especially warm on Thursday and Friday, so I've earmarked those days for spraying finish on my pieces. It's supposed to be rainy so I will still do the finishing in the garage, but it's imperative that I can open the door without dropping the temperature too much; the temperature needs to be higher than 50 degrees or so in order for the finish to dry properly, and it's supposed to be in the 60s both days.

I have a big stack of work that I want to finish by Friday but there's one small problem and that is that I haven't finished cutting and sanding a lot of it. On Wednesdays I volunteer at an archaeology lab but I'm going to skip it this week in favor of slaving away at my saw. I have 2 shows I am preparing for right now: this Sunday in Lewes at the Merchants Attic, and next weekend I have the Better Living Expo in Salisbury, which is Saturday and Sunday, with set-up on Friday. My goal is to get all the bookmarks I just finished cutting finished, and the rest of the herb markers I cut a couple of weeks ago oiled, as well as all the candle trays I am currently working on. I also have a new vase that I have to finish gluing together, and some small matching bowls. While those are getting sprayed on Friday I am going to cut puzzles, and Saturday I will cut more puzzles and load up the car for Sunday morning. Next week I am expecting a shipment of wood that I ordered specifically to cut some napkin holders; I have some new patterns for those that I am excited about. Always lots of work to do, there is always something else I can make.

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